M01 (Splashed White)


Marmorino plaster is made with lime , marble dust and fine sand allowing texture and depth. It can be applied smooth and subtle with little sheen or more mottled and textured with a slightly higher polish. Combinations of colors, waxes, and methods are endless.

Product Features: Minimal to Medium texture / Medium sheen / Dramatic color variation

Coverage: 172 sqf / 2 layers ( 5 Gal ) or 86 sqf / 2 layers ( 2.5 gal )

Packing: 2.5gal / 5.0gal

* - Premium Color     ^ - Wax Required

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Category: Marmorino

  • Marmorino is made from slaked lime and finely ground marble dust with fine marble sand, giving it more texture than Veneziano.

  • Marmorino may be applied with subtle color variation, medium to heavy texture, low sheen or with a smooth subtle sheen and lighter variation of color depending on the application technique.

  • Suitable for interiors or semi outdoor and shower stalls when combined with additive.

  • Vasari Plaster manufactures the finest healthy, lime based, eco-friendly, non-toxic wall finishes that have no off-gassing (zero VOC) and are hypo-allergenic. Our products offer endless versatility in not only look, feel and texture, but also for both modern and traditional designs.

  • Vasari plaster is durable and gets harder and better looking with age. Marmorino absorbs carbon dioxide and odors. Mold and fungus resistant, they are easy to fix, clean and easy to change or paint over. Plaster doesn't fade in color, and is UV resistant. Because it’s color integrated, even if it's scratched it still looks great. Our products also absorb excess humidity, keeping rooms cool and fresh inside.

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